Avocado Toast

Who isn’t crazy about avocado? Here comes one of our favourite savory breakfast dishes. Just mash it, season it and that’s it!

Nutrition facts: Avocado

The avocado consists of 73% water, 15% fat, 8.5% carbohydrates and 2% protein. The carbohydrates consist mainly of fiber, and very little sugar. They also contain FODMAPs, short chain carbs that may cause unpleasant digestive symptoms in some people. As a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids, the avocado is a very unusual fruit. The most abundant fatty acid is oleic acid, which is also the main component of olive oil. Oleic acid has been linked to reduced inflammation and may have beneficial effects on cancer (9, 10, 11). Avocado oil is a great source of healthy fats, and animal studies suggest a protective effect against heart disease and diabetes (12, 13). Avocados are rich in many vitamins and minerals, such as B-vitamins, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium and copper.

Source: Medical News Today

Downside of the Avocado

The growth of an avocado consumes a quite large amount of fresh water. According to Danwatch it takes around 70l of water to produce 1 avocado under decent growth conditions. One of the main exporter of avocados word wide is Chile. Unfortunately 60% of their production is based in the Petorca Province, a very dry region 100km in the North of Santiago, and there it takes up to 320l per avocado caused by the poor farming conditions. For more information see also this arcticle Avocado mania continues to suck Chile dry published at the TreeHugger. By the way, this kind of fresh water abuse doesn’t only happen in Chile of course. Unfortunately it is a widely spread technique in many parts of South America in order to allow agricultural activities happen also on rather unsuitable soils.

So if you buy avocados, have a look where they come from. Since usually it only says the country of origin on it but not the particular region, we try to buy them from within the EU.

This doesn’t change the fact that they are super healthy and delicious though!

Avocado Toast with Egg

Makes two slices of bread

1 Avocado
2 Eggs
2 Slices of whole grain bread
Juice of 1/2 lime
Salt & Pepper to taste

Mash the avocado and season it with the lime juice, salt and petter. Put half of the avocado cream on each slice of bread and add one soft boiled egg on top for some protein boost and additional flavour. Enjoy!


This toast is also great with grilled mushrooms instead of the egg if you want to go for a vegan option.

Check out this quick video on how to slice an avocado properly.

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