Hello Everyone

Since I can remember, food was a big part of my life. I guess it is one of the perks of being Portuguese. My mum always found her ways (between her career and 2 children) of preparing us dinner every single day of the week and we would always eat together, even if sometimes that meant at 21:00 after my ballet lessons. Luckily it has been part of my heritage and I hope to pass on the same values to my kids.

The fact that I was dancing Ballet 5 times a week also made an impact on my food habits. My ballet teacher was very keen on keeping us healthy and on our best shape. I still remember it perfectly when she told us “girls, I know you love croissants but it is one of those things you should watch out for”. And she was right, as most of us would actually want one per day!

A long time has passed by now and since then I’ve studied Veterinary Medicine; met my partner Volker; moved to the UK to work as a Vet and finally moved to Germany, which was 3 years ago. My food journey has also changed quite a lot. I’ve stopped eating meat after my studies and also had to adjust a lot according to the place where I was living in.

One of the funniest things was seeing Volker’s interest for food growing. When we started dating back in Lisbon, he would come to join me and my brother for dinner and the conversation would be something similar to this:

My brother whilst having lunch: hummm this is so good! So… what shall we cook for dinner?
Me: yep, delicious! We should cook Arroz de Marisco again, that is so good as well!
Volker: do you really only talk about food???

Nowadays he is all about food as well and we love planning meals together, especially brunches!

We always enjoy entertaining our family and friends at our place, and when staying overnight, they never leave without a warming and nourishing brunch. I’m thrilled we can now share our ideas with you too, so without further ado let’s begin our Breakfast Story.

Lots of love,

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